Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why I can't just jump ship to Ruby on Rails...

412 Precondition Failed: "Precondition Failed The precondition on the request for the URL / evaluated to false."

I what way is this comforting? Does it just not like my browser? Don't ask me.

Update: Okay, I tried it on another machine, and it works there. So it doesn't like my browser!. I then used Rex Swain's cool HTTP View tool to see what was going on. I tried it from the working machine and saw a very different UA string. So I tried removing elements one-by-one to see what made it work. Eventually, I had removed most of the non-standard stuff (.Net CLR versions, etc.) and got it to work. Once I got it to work, I added the missing bits back one-by-one. It's not which strings are in there, it's how long the UA string is.

This is pathetic!

You don't let people see your site because their UA string is too long?


Anonymous said...

That's Apache's mod_security, not at all related to Rails... Just an FYI.

IDisposable said...

Apache may be causing the error, but I'm having trouble taking seriously any project where >50% of the proponents sites are not configured correctly.