Monday, April 17, 2006

Excellent service is RARE, but it does exist.

It's kind of sad, but very true; you rarely get excellent customer service these days anywhere. This weekend I was graced with such service and wanted to pass on the recommendation.

On Friday evening, I placed an order for a ten-pack of Shure foamies and a set of Shure triple-flange sleeves for my excellent Shure E4c earphones at Sweetwater. I chose them because the prices were reasonable, and they offered free shipping. On Saturday afternoon I got a call from them, I missed the call, but the voice mail went something like this.

This is Brandon from Sweetwater. I was calling to let you know that we have your order for the Shure earpieces. The foamies are in stock, but the triple-flange are on order. Since you chose the free-shipping, which is UPS ground, I wanted to know if you wanted the foamies right away, or should we wait until the triple-flange is in stock. If we don't hear back from you, we'll ship out the foamies now and the triple-flange when they come in, but if you don't need them right away you can call me at 800-222-4700 extension 1236, and I'll send the order when the triple-flange sleeves come in; they are due in on Tuesday. Either way, the shipping is free.

Let's break this down... they returned my call on the weekend. They were going to default to shipping a partial shipment for free. They called to warn me about a two day delay on an order that was supposed to take around 5 days to ship anyway. They weren't doing this to save money... Brandon's time to make the call is easily equal to the shipping of something as small as the earphone sleeves. I'll be back, and I'll tell anyone that I know about service like this.

So, if you need any musician or sound equipment, even something as simple as new foamies for your earphones, by all means head to Sweetwater 800-222-4700 and ask for Brandon at extension 1236.

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