Thursday, March 30, 2006

Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns - a rant...

I love a good rant.;


Hans Gerwitz said...

Fun rant, but it rings hollow. Sounds like he's worked with a few guys who write obtuse code, and has blamed their platform for it.

Or, he's offended that "object" isn't a verb. But seriously, in all that prose, where's the actual argument?

IDisposable said...

To me, the idea that no matter WHAT you dogma, you should curb it.

George said...

But look at java's librarys not a lot of static functions where they should be, and static functions where they should'nt. most pepole do not put alot of static methods flying around. and you canot create a function-object wraper around a function. or better yet make a sum function in scheme

(define (sum x)
(apply + x))

in common lisp

(defun sum (x)
(apply #' x))