Friday, March 31, 2017

Codeplex shutting down, moved the repos to GitHub

The four simple projects I used to have on CodePlex have been migrated to GitHub.

IFilter Extractor

A text extracting COM component that uses any installed IFilter (Microsoft Indexing) to extract text from files. Information in old blog posts.

Dynamic Reflection Library

A library for doing lightweight-code-generation in the era before the expression were a thing. Lots of old blog posts around here about it.

URI Template and URI Patterns

The UriTemplate library is a simple set of code to encapsulate the building and parsing of URIs from replacement tokens. Using this couple of classes will make it easy to build RESTful URIs. Information in old blog posts

ASP.Net RSS Toolkit

An ASP.Net component set for publishing and consuming RSS/Atom feeds in .Net 2.0. Includes a datasource component. This was one of the first things Microsoft open-sourced (sadly in an era where that really meant mostly abandoned). I took the sources and floated a CodePlex repository and then promptly abandoned it myself. Some information in old blog posts.

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