Thursday, September 17, 2009

And as for me? I've done nothing.

My last post was 18 months ago... I deleted the two that followed it because they were time-sensitive. I've been sucked into twitter, StackOverflow, parenthood and real life. Coming soon, I hope, will be a bunch of posts on some C# hacks and T-SQL things I've been up to... mostly ASP.Net and twitter related (e.g. huge datasets)


Guest said...

Parenthood must have sucked a lot more out of you than Stack Overflow, 'cuz I've been on SO about the same length of time you've been, but my Rep is about 3X yours! :-)

IDIsposable said...

Indeed it has,... I don't go there as much as I would like (mentioned it because it's Joel's project).

Chris said...

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