Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eye-Fi is on sale

I can't tell you how happy the last few days have made my inner geek. Last week the Chumby started shipping and today the be-far-coolest idea ever is available for order.

Do you have a digital camera? Snap a lot of shots? Forget to get around to uploading them to your PC and your online site of choice Have we got a solution for you, just get a Eye-Fi SD memory card, configure from your PC/Mac and then install it in your camera. It'll store 2GB of pictures and every time it gets near to a wi-fi network that you have configured it to use, poof instant uploads to your online site. This baby supports all the players (except WinkFlash, what's up with THAT?).

For those of you with CF cards instead... PFFFTT!


1 comment:

Fotomeister said...

Hey Marc!
There is a SD to CF adapter for ~$12 on ebay that should fix that last problem.

SD to SF adapter

That would make it cool as both my cameras take only CF cards.