Sunday, December 17, 2006

Extending the available range of DateTime in SQL Server 2005

Since I get so many hits for my various SQL DateTime articles, I thought I would point out an awesome contribution by Mladen Prajdic on building a UDT for SQL Server 2005 in CLR that gives you all that standard SQL Server DateTime behavior over the full range of the .Net DateTime class (01-01-0001 - 12-31-9999).

Nice work, Mladen!


Anonymous said...

It's fun :))

Muruganatham said...

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IDisposable said...

I value the input of my readers as far as the content, however the colors and such of my blog are my choices and reflect how my machine normally appears. I find the bog-standard black-text on white-background exceedingly bright and irritating.

I am sorry that you find the blog hard to read, perhaps you should apply your own stylesheets to the page or simply disable the CSS in your browser.

Also, "pl" is not an English word, "please" is likely what you mean...